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A family run organization devoted to raising quality pets
with love, for a loving family.

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The Hurd family has been raising family pets for 20 years ago, starting with Ragdoll cats, Collies, and now Corgis for the past 10 years. Our love for animals, and witnessing the joy our pets give other families, fuels our love for our business. The Pembroke Welsh Corgi breed arrived into the Hurd family's life unexpectedly in 2008. At least, it was unexpected for Melody Hurd when she received an 8 week old Corgi as a surprise birthday present. Corgis were not yet widely popular, so we knew very little about this slightly odd, adorable, and very vertically challenged breed. However, the Corgi, Lucy, quickly enlightened us to all the charming personality, wit, loyalty, and intelligence the Pembroke Welsh Corgi breed has to offer. Since then we've come to believe that Corgis embody the very best aspects of perfect pet, but in fun size. Our discovery of Lucy's admirable qualities first inspired us to share that same Corgi love with other families.


Today, Carrie Hurd, Cameron Hurd, and Melody Hurd pride themselves in raising happy and healthy Pembroke Welsh Corgis. We carefully breed out Corgis to avoid any common genetic defects, and heavily implement nutrition and emotional love in their earliest developmental stages. Our greatest desire is to establish a strong base of physical and emotional health, so our puppies can live a long and fulfilling life in a loving home. We love our Corgis, and seeing them become a part of a loving family is our greatest satisfaction.

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